Corrugated grid
GOST 3306-88

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  • We produce grid according to the customer's sizes (the grid is made by sizes set by the customer and doesn't demand completion at installation on the sieving machine);
  • A wide range of cell sizes - from 1.4 mm to 140 mm;
  • Diameter of a wire - from 1 mm to 12.5 mm;
  • You can select optimum thickness and type of wire for various conditions of sieving;
  • Difficult corrugation of the grid cloth;
  • Geometrical sizes of cells are sustained that provides accurate particle size distribution of the sieved materials.

Corrugated grid GOST 3306-88, which is also often called gauze screens or metal screens, is applied to sorting all types of bulks on fraction.

Corrugated grid is made of a wire of necessary diameter, corrugated grid differs in the big net area and is an optimal solution for the most effective process of sorting when it is required to achieve the maximum productivity of the equipment.

In production of the corrugated grid wear proof spring wire of German and Russian production is used.

At the same size of cells we can produce wire grids of different diameter (for example, a cell of 10x10 mm from a wire of 2.5 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0 mm).

We make wide range of screens with a rectangular cell.

The wide range of cells is permanently renewed by new items.

We produce non-standard grids on customer request.
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