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Rubber and polyurethane profile on profitable terms.

  • We produce rubber profile;
  • We produce profile from polyurethane;
  • We produce profile according to the sketch of the customer;
  • We deliver across all Russia;
  • FREE shipping to transport company.

Rubber U-shaped profile, also called screen decks, is used as shock-absorbing layer between screen surface and the supports of the sieve. Rubber profile demands timely replacement and influences screen durability.

Rubber U-shaped profile is made of wear proof rubber, serves for protection of the screen against direct contact with the sieving machine frame. Rubber U-shaped profile prevents "damaging" of screen bars by materials in place of contact with the sieving machine supports. Lack of protective profile is the most widespread mistake at operation woven screens.

Wear out of rubber screen decks (rubber profiles) of the sieving machine significantly reduces durability of metal screens and is the main reason of a early breakdown of the screens!

Along with the increased wear out of screens, at a worn-out rubber profile or at its absence, the sieving machine box partitions also wear out. In order to avoid early repair work, we recommend making replacement of rubber screen decks at every second replacement of the screens.

Our company produces rubber profile and profile from polyurethane.
The rubber profile is produced 10 running meters in a bundle.
Polyurethane profile – 0.9 meters.
The main distinctive feature of a polyurethane profile consists in its durability which is ten times longer than durability of a rubber profile.
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