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Shock absorbing rollers are special rollers that are used to reduce vibration and shock on the conveyor belt. These rollers are installed on specific areas of the conveyor belt to ensure smooth movement of loads.

Shock absorbing rollers help reduce stress and wear on the belt and other conveyor components. This extends the life of the system and reduces maintenance and repair costs.

Vibration and shock on a conveyor system can be hazardous to workers and equipment. Shock absorbing rollers help reduce the risk of accidents.

By allowing loads to move more smoothly, cushioning rollers help improve the productivity and speed of the conveyor system. This is especially important when high throughput and accurate load handling is required.

Cushioned rollers help to reduce noise and vibration generated by the conveyor system. This contributes to a comfortable working environment for personnel.

Shock absorbing rollers can be made of various materials such as rubber, polyurethane, metal and others. They are widely used in various industries.
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